CPR Classes

The knowlede of doing CPR could save a person's life.  More importantly it could be the life of a complete stranger, friend or even a family member.  No one ever expects or anticipates a medical emergency that may occur to put this skill to the test but it should be comforting to know that if the unexpected happens that you have the knowledge and knowhow to perform this lifesaving skill.


The Harrington Fire Company is pleased to offer CPR training to those who wish to learn and become certified in his skill.  This is open to the general public, businesses, groups or individuals.  In some cases, this skill isneeded for employment.  If interested please contact us for information.


Due to cost of instruction materials an eqiupment needed to certify individuals ther is a cost associated with this service.  Cost per Student:

-  $75 for Pediatric, Child and Adult CPR/AED

- $40 for Skills Services Only which is offered for individuals that have comleted an online CPR Course and is in need of Skills Testing for certification


Classes are typically done at the Harrington Fire Company at scheduled times, however remote classes are availabel upon request for groups more than 6.


The Harrington Fire Company thanks you for wanting to make a diference by learning CPR.  This important skill may not only save the life of a stranger, friend or family member but could save YOURS!  To Schedule a class please contact Jason Roswell at 302-270-9111 or email at [email protected]


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