Membership Requirements

You must be 18 years of age to join.  You may join as a Junior member at the age of 15.
You must live in the Harrington Fire/Ambulance District
You may become a member to be a Firefighter, an EMT, or a General member which helps with non emergency activities such as fund raisers, administrative duties, or general work detail.

Application Process

Step 1: Pick up or Download an Application
An application to join may be picked up at the Harrington Fire House located at 20 Clark St. Harrington, De 19952
NEW! Now you May Download an Application to your Computer.

Click on the Files Below to Save them to your Computer.
(Please Download All Files required for the completed Application)




Step 2: Return Completed   

After completing the application  it may be returned to any Harrington Fire Company member.

Step 3: Interview

After returning an application your name will be brought up at the next monthly meeting after which time you will be contacted for an interview by the personnel committee.  Additional requirements and expectations will be explained at the
time of the interview.
























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